About Us

Bonjour, cherished Parisien admirers! Step into the warm embrace of Parisien Bakery, an establishment where the exquisite flavors of France merge seamlessly with the cozy ambiance of family.

Our journey commenced 15 years ago, when Anthony and his family first set foot in the United States. With a shared dream of showcasing our abundant culture through the delicate artistry of baking, and fortified by over two decades of collective experience in the baking world, we were steadfast in our ambition to create something extraordinary for our new community.

Unwavering Passion and Expertise

Along with Anthony's wife Jessica Roche, the vibrant life-force of Parisien Bakery. Jessica's journey of transformation, from a dedicated veterinary technician for ten years to becoming the proud owner of a bakery, is a story of inspiration and tenacity.

Driven by a passion for creativity and a deep-seated love for crafting exquisite pastries, Jessica’s career transition marked the critical milestone in our path to founding Parisien Bakery.

Jessica, upon graduating with accolades from the esteemed Institute of Technology in Clovis, procured her degree in Pastries and Baking in early 2014. Armed with knowledge, finesse, and relentless dedication, she partnered with her husband, Anthony Roche, turning her dreams into reality.

At Parisien Bakery, Jessica’s exceptional talent is showcased in her specialties – wedding cakes and custom cakes. Celebrating life’s treasured moments with her delicious culinary creations is her ultimate calling. Be it a grand wedding or an intimate gathering, each cake designed by Jessica is a labor of love, infusing sweetness into your cherished memories.


My sister surprise off this hidden treasure! I’ve been back without her since. Please don’t tell! The owner makes from scratch right in from of your eyes he creates magic! Great atmosphere. Excellent service from the very attentive staff. The pastries are signature! Clearly the best of the best!
R Avery
I love looking for authentic European restaurants in the Central Valley, this quaint little patisserie in downtown Clovis, offers delicious baked goods and a very authentic venue with street side dining options that make you feel like you’re in Paris! A family friendly experience with lots of delicious options!
Model Behavior

Our family's commitment to excellence is not confined to Jessica's creations.

Each dawn ignites in us a shared desire to craft exceptional baked goods, freshly made for our dear customers. From delicate croissants to divine macarons, every offering at Parisien Bakery is thoughtfully crafted with love and precision, employing traditional French techniques passed down through generations.

As a bakery born from family ties, we take immense pride in the welcoming atmosphere we’ve cultivated. Stepping into Parisien Bakery, you’re not just a customer but an extension of our family, and we remain devoted to delivering exceptional service and delightful pastries that whisk you away to the picturesque boulevards of Paris.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the love and support we’ve received from our community, and for the opportunity to share our heritage through our baked goods. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We eagerly await the pleasure of serving you at Parisien Bakery, where passion, tradition, and love for baking unite to concoct moments of pure joy and delight. À bientôt, see you soon!